Hardware requirements for lightburn

I am about to buy Lightburn software for my new fiber laser. Question is the computer i have is a bit different. i built it as a game server doe it has a high-end chip i10ks i think and a massive amount of ram 128Gb but no vidio card. im just using onboard graphics. Does Lightburn need GPU resources to work properly or is it more cpu/ram dependent. Thanks

Hi William, welcome

Lightburn does not require or take any benefit of a discrete graphics card. So your setup is more than overkill already.

Thanks i appreciate it. when i built it i had no intentions of using for anything buy a game server. glad i can repurpose it.

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I’ve got this running on a 15 year old pc a friend gave me when he upgraded… Loaded Ubuntu on it … it’s my work area computer…

As @gilaraujo advised, you’re already way ahead of the game computer power wise …

All of mine use the on board video chip.

Have fun


I think this should be enough to run at least 1000 instances of LB in parallel. On my machine, it consumes less than 100 MB of memory.
I’m also running it on my T420 ThinkPad annum 2010 without issues (though I don’t use that one for design).

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