Hardware Spec - New Build

Hi Folks,

Got myself a K40 which was OLD as sin so needed some TLC to bring it back working. I was looking to upgrade the controller board but the cohesion3D board is a little out of the price bracket at the moment, so i’ve been looking into GRBL controllers. Had some spare TMC2130’s kicking about, so was going to go RAMPS 1.6 build, then was told this isn’t that great, so sprang for a SKR board which I thought could do smoothieware. I was wrong. It can run Marlin but seems that may not be too great either.

So now im looking at getting another board to put in, and having checked the grbl-LPC github it seems it can be dropped straight onto an MKS SBASE which just so happens to be £20 shipped from Mao’s poundland in the big rock candy mountain.

Will this be a good combination for running on a K40 with lightburn? (40w + MKS SBASE + gbrl-LPC + Lightburn)
Has anyone got any sources for an install guide or videos they found useful for going this route?

Reason im asking here is I would like to get the machine running lightburn off the bat without requiring more upgrades down the road.

GRBL-LPC is fast, relatively simple to configure, and works very well with LightBurn. I’ve used it running on a Cohesion3D Mini, so I didn’t have to sort out all the wiring connections. Haven’t wired an SBASE before, so I can’t offer much there, and if your K40 has a ribbon connector for the limit switches you’d need to get either a breakout board for it or just re-wire those.

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