Has any used their CO2 laser to engrave an NFC tag

Checking to see if anyone has used their CO2 laser to engrave text or a graphic onto the little round NFC tags that are available on Amazon? If so please let me know which tags you purchased.

These are just one example of the tags available on Amazon

According to the webpage you linked, they are made of a “Sturdy PVC material” PVC is very dangerous to laser engrave, as it releases chlorine gas when hit with a co2 laser. Chlorine gas is not only very dangerous to breathe in, but it will also attack the metal in your laser and destroy your laser. This is a picture of what PVC’s will do to your machine:

Yes indeed, the one I linked to does have PVC, and I am well aware that PVC is a very bad material to engrave with a laser. That is why I am asking the smart folks in this forum if anyone could recommend a laser safe NFC tag.

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