Has anyone got the new A7 Pro yet?

I just ordered the new A7 Pro this morning. I was wondering if anyone had hands on one yet?

The A7 Pro looks like a knock off of the NEJE. I cannot find anything good to say about AtomStack, I have the A5 Pro and the gantry and MoBo are trash. I would recommend returning it and just getting an NEJE or creating your own with good parts. But that’s my 2 cents and you didn’t ask.

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well this is my first venture into lasers, SO I will use it as a learning experience.

It’s gotten some good reviews. Here’s one. I have one on order too. Looking to Buy a Laser? - Atomstack X7 Pro Review - YouTube

You’re free to use your money and experiment with crappy build quality, lack of customer support, inferior components etc all you like. No on’es stopping you. But I’m telling you from personal experience and from reviews from users here and even one of the devs. But you do you and let us know how you like it.

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