Has anyone opened up their S&A 5200 chiller?

My S&A 5200 chiller has started to intermittently alarm. I’ve had to “hot-wire” the aviation connector to keep from ruining projects. I suspect the circulation pump is failing / cutting out. It doesn’t alarm for more than a second or two. Then all is well for the next 10 min, and the cycle repeats (alarm for a couple of seconds, good for 10 min).

I thought I’d see if anyone here has opened one of these up before I went in to it next weekend (when I will have the time to evaluate / troubleshoot the chiller).

I’ll be sure to take some useful pictures as I am in the chiller so this thread could stand to help others in the future.

@JoeSpanier has experiences that are worth sharing.

The first 5202 I got was DOA. The seller had me open it up, three times and check a few things. Ended up replacing it. A friend of mine is a refrigeration guy that does commercial chillers for all kinds of industrial applications gave it to him. Poor smuck :slight_smile:

The pump is easy to get at and change out. Here is the maintenance manual for the 5200 series.

You will be surprised at how little there is in there…

Good luck


I have an S&A 5000 chiller and had the flow switch fail on that. Could that be the problem on your S&A 5200? Flow switches are available on Amazon for ~$40 or less, at least for the S&A 5000 chiller.

@MH1644 , the flow switch (or flow detection) is what I think is failing in my 5200. When the alarm sounds no error is displayed, and water is still flowing. I can recreate the alarm scenario when I pinch the hose.

@jkwilborn, thanks for the link to the maintenance manual. That will be helpful. I’ll be sure to take some reference pictures to add to the thread for future reference.

I’ve found that if it’s a real S&A chiller their customer service is quite good. One of their techs trouble shot my 5000 with me over a couple nights. Unfortunately their support is based in china so time zones were tricky but she helped me track down a bad pump (it was overloading the power supply and causing it to reset, causing the controller to reset) and then helped me order a new one for around 50$

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