Has anyone thought of publishing a "Lightburn for Dummies" book yet? Because I'd buy it!

Thank you for the references, it also helps if your laser doesn’t have an offset set on it which Gil helped me correct.

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Hmmm, understanding that there is a learning curve to everything, is that the concept of which you speak? I’m well aware of that and fully understand that I’m at the beginning of that curve. But understand this, it is rather hard to learn something new when what you are working with does not work the way the instructions say it should, as was my case with this laser. Seems that every one assumed I had a problem when the laser had the problem, an unwanted offset.

A closed mind learns nothing, you have to keep your mind open as well as your eyes and other senses.

Thank you for your comment.

> “When one sets the position of their laser and sets “user origin” in LightBurn, that is where the laser should start and not move off the piece they’re trying to engrav”
As a LightBurn beginner, I also had this problem yesterday. But it was the machine that somehow still had an Origin 0.0 point stored and I had adjusted the zero point with the hand knob.
Remedy: Switch the machine off and on again, then the current position of the laser counted as the zero point and the problem no longer occurred.

My problem was that the machine had an offset in it somehow. Resetting and restarting the machine from the control panel didn’t clear it, I had to reset it in Lightburn in the G-code, which Gil of OUTUR helped me with. “$RST=*” restores the defaults when you hit enter, then you reset and restart. That’s what it took to get me going.

OrturTech Gil
April 10

(answered via ticket but )
Seems you ahve an offset on your machine, x91.8 y133.28
So when you do X200 Y200 it ADDS those more offsets

Try this for me, in the console window
Type where it says
“type command here”
press enter
MAchine will respond with
MSG: Restoring defaults

Once done, reach for motherboard and tap Reset
Power on again. should be cleared

However to avoid this i recomend upgrading your firmware
Download, unzip and follow pdf instructions here

I have been doing CADD since 1984. I started on a Cascade Graphics System and then AutoCad 2.2. After 38 years I am still doing CADD and currently use SolidWorks 2021. I have used All the AutoCad software, Pro/E from 12 to 20 and then WildFire, Creo 3 and 6. I was 100% self taught.

If you love and are passionate about something, it is easy to learn. Most of my “CADD” training was the “JTIAS” (Just Try It And See) method. Nowadays we have YouTube and there are many many video’s on Lightburn. Just type in "Lightburn + " and you will get your answer. There are a lot of Facebook groups as well. When I come across a helpful video I create a bookmark, save it in YouTube download it for future reference.

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