Has anyone used the Atomstack 70w diode?

I’m looking at upgrading my current setup. I have an atomstack 20w. I’ve been able to do a fair amount of stuff with it, from glass cups to slate. I know from the stats and a few videos, it will do pretty much everything I’m already doing much faster and more efficient. What I would like to know if this:

When engraving stone, specifically red brick (paver brick), do you guys think I would get the same burned/fused black look that CO2 does? I can engrave it now, but it turns out white, which is far less desirable. I’m just wondering if I can get an equivalent effect with the 70w.



  1. Do not expect the level of detail you get with the 20w. The laser dot will be somewhat larger, which will wipe out the finer details.
  2. No. CO2 is a different frequency than the diode. A more power diode will just give you more white.

it will turn white when you are overheating it, I do red brick with my 5 watt diode and have the same issue, just lower the power some