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Saw this post and was curious if you had fixed this issue yet?

It now works with DSP controllers, but because of the movement taken by the paths (specifically moving back & forth in Y) it will leave gaps if your machine has backlash issues. If that’s happening to you, I recommend using normal fill and going to Edit > Device Settings and enabling fast whitespace with a reasonable speed value set.

I did have some gaps at 1200mm/min. I already had the fast whitespace enabled, would that cause more of an issue using both those options at the same time?

The post you linked asks, “I get this when I use flood fill - is it possible to make it go in one direction, from side to side, top to bottom”. The user described the way not using flood fill already works.

It’s unfortunately not possible to make it always move in a single, consistent direction. Normal filling does exactly this already. If you want to skip traveling across blank areas, you have to backtrack at some point, and that means machines that aren’t tuned perfectly will probably have a small gap.

Fast Whitespace and Flood Fill don’t really affect each other - you don’t travel across much blank space when flood fill is on.

Where is that fast whitespace? I have a rudia 644xs controller, don’t see ‘fast whitespace’ anywhere?
I don’t have a backlash issue - but the ‘burn’ of the board is vastly different with ‘flood’ vs standard…
This is standard:

Vs this run (on the reverse side of the same piece of wood) with flood fill:

And sorry for the thread-jacking (same topic though??)

Ruida only allows scanning at a fixed speed, so you don’t have a fast whitespace option. Diode lasers travel much slower when burning (like 10 to 50 mm/sec is normal) so having the option to travel faster over blank areas makes a huge difference.

I would like to see your comparison done with non-grain wood, like MDF, to be sure the variation in the cuts shown isn’t from the wood itself.

I can see if I can do that later today

Here - on 1/8" mdf
Flood fill in the middle - you can see it’s not aligned.
Groups together at the bottom. Engraved similarly (i.e. parts of letters engraved after other adjacent parts) - perfectly aligned.
Top one is just scanning back and forth.
How do I email you the raw pictures? they’re quite large.

That misalignment in the lettering is going to be either from backlash (less likely) or motor skips (more likely). The normal left-to-right scanning motion used produces very consistent and predictable movement, almost entirely on the X axis. Flood fill does very rapid short moves, and is much more likely to cause resonance issues, and also makes complex moves in both X and Y.

So there’s no “bug” here, it’s just your machine slipping. If you’re unconvinced, save the job as an RD file, then import the RD file back into LightBurn and look at it - there won’t be gaps or misalignment anywhere.

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