Have 55w OMTECH Co2 laser

Im so new to the software that I’m so frustrated I’m not sure what to fix or how to i downloaded the new software :scream: well that didnt do me no good i went back to the older version, but still some problem when i do a ramp test starts fine but the thinner it is the line will go double at the thin part can someone help please before its to late to turn back :pleading_face:

If it is going double, you need to check some things on the laser: 1. is the lens tight in the lens tube? 2. Is the lens cracked? 3. Is the laser beam hitting the lens cone before coming out? Checking #1 is pretty easy, take the lens tube out and shake it to see if you hear anything loose. #2- look at the lens from the top of the tube, does it appear intact? #3 Do a test cut without the cone to see if the double line goes away.

Go relax and have a cup of coffee…

You have Lightburn connected and talking to the laser, yes?

A photo of the ramp test would be worth a 1,000 words :slight_smile:

Is your machine new or did this anomaly just start?
Did you change anything?

This is usually an alignment issue. Be gentle with the lens tube, but Patrick has the right idea. There is an issue with the beam alignment and/or path most likely.


After the update it has went crazy and been having problems ever since :upside_down_face: its pretty new about 6 weeks to 2 months i will get a pic

You’re not by any chance on a Mac are you?
USB connection?

I know they’ve had some issues with the mac. But I don’t think your issues are related depending on what ‘went crazy’ actually means.

Have you check all the optics, mirrors and lens for cleanliness?
How about the beam alignment?

Software is not going to change the focus of your lenses. It sounds like the issue has been with you a while.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I am on mac it all started when we put the new software in it hit the frame it would start in the middle then go to far and then hit the front of the laser so after that we got that figured out then we started having double lines on the part that has a thin line going to send pictures