Have a 60w ridgeyard

Help I have a 60w ridgeyard laser and the controller is dsp.when i try to cut a square I get a rectangle. What am I doing wrong just got it setup and put lightburn on it. So pretty new to this machine Thanks

This is probably a small flaw in your machine setup, which defines the length of movement for your stepper motors. The best thing would be that a kind soul here from the forum with the same machine, will give you the correct setup file. But, there is also something you can do yourself. Draw a square with 200x200 mm. Then measure x and y to find the difference. You need to make a backup copy of your machine setup in LightBurn, go to Edit, Machine Settings press read and then save as. Here in the menu there is also the option to calibrate your axes, it will then be the next step.

Check to make sure that the machine isn’t in ‘Rotary Mode’ - Go to Laser Tools > Rotary Setup, and check that the ‘Enable Rotary’ switch is off. If it’s on, that will alter the Y axis on the machine.

If that switch is already off, then you’ll need to calibrate the step lengths as Bernd suggests.

Tryed that but not working cant calibrate tryed it just goes back any help would be greatly appreciated. So lost on how to get this to work it wont frame right we have the x&y is right wont burn right please help

In order to help you, try to be as informative as possible.
What does your 200x200 square measure?
When you calibrate your axes, do you save the changes to the Ruida controller?

The rotary isn’t on

This is my sisters laser I’m trying to help her with a losing battle

200x200 square
start point 489 x inpoint 489x
y 50.11
bed is 28 x 29
her panel isn’t ruida that I know of DSP is what she is saying to me
I didn’t have this problem with mine,
Is this what you need

No, that’s not quite what I mean.
In LightBurn you draw a square 200mmx200mm (you may need to set your units of measure to mm first)
This square should be cut / engraved as line in LightBurn.
Then the sides should be measured with a calliper. The difference must then be corrected in machine settings in X, Y calibration.

The results you get in LightBurn with the measurement tool only show that the “theory” is ok :wink:
But to see how Ruida interprets the 200x200mm, they need to be printed with your laser.

its so hard for me to explain lol
if we frame the box it won’t let me frame it stays in the corner I learn better when I talk to a person.
not sure if the problem is the machine or software

No problem, we help each other.
When creating the machine profile, what have you specified here as machine origin? Front right is very rarely seen (in my opinion). When you start the machine where does it go?
Is it a new machine you are setting up or has it run before?

All Ruida controllers are DSP controllers - but all DSP controllers aren’t Ruida controllers. I did a quick google and found reference to the 60 W Ridgeyard machine and it appears to be a generic ‘Chinese red & black’ which is great. Many of these are supported in LightBurn.

Do you have a Trocen controller in this engraver? I deleted the Duplicate post as this one seems to have more traction.

On the back of the control panel there’s a sticker that has the model number (inside the cabinet). The instructions may have had some model number information about the controller. I think this may be key.

In the meantime, can you take a picture of the controller and attach it here. Perhaps we should identify it first to make sure we’re all headed in the same direction.

This might be a little bit much, but it could be informative:

Its a new machine.i tryed to burn a square and got a rectangle. Now it is just burning in the top left corner and very small lines at that.

The controller is awc708s

Trocen - Cool! Does it look like this?


Do you have Trocen-AWC selected in the bottom right corner of the Laser window?

It is the one there

Yes that is the controller on this laser

We need to be a little more systematic in troubleshooting, please answer those questions.

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We had a great person come over and help us to get it working thanks eveyone for your help

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