Have to manually add Ortur Aufero 1 every time

I’m currently on the Trial version but hopefully planning to buy. I have the Ortur Aufero Laser 1 and a MacBook running BigSur (connection via USB-A) but every time I connect the laser and open LightBurn, I have to delete and re-add the laser manually. If I do the automatic device connection, I see “Waiting for connection”. If I add the laser manually, it works during that “lifecycle” but if I disconnect/reconnect the laser and try the next day, I get the dreaded “Waiting for connection” message again. The only way I’ve been able to use the laser with LightBurn is to delete and re-add it manually ever single time…which is starting to get old.

Has anyone else run across this issue? Have any troubleshooting tips?


Next time, instead of re-creating the device, try closing LightBurn, turning your laser off and on again, restarting LightBurn, and then manually selecting the correct COM port from the drop down menu in the Laser window.



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