Having a problem trying to set up project

Trying to overlap an image but want the hat to overlap the B so the part of B under hat doesn’t show

Change the text to path

Grab all the parts of the “B” and group them

Grab the hat and duplicate it - move to the side

Grab the B and the hat

Then use boolean subtract tools. - if it cuts the wrong part, use ctrl+Z to back up and then use boolean subtract again. The program is designed this way.



Grab the extra copy of the hat and move it in place, group the parts back together. Put them all on the same layer if you want



Are you using a clip art image or jpg. Image?

I get this far and Boolean does not highlight to use

You need to trace the hat to make it an svg item instead of an image.

Right click on the hat
Select TRACE

Easy way to make screen capture


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This is with a svg image, it doesn’t fill,it sees through the svg image and still lasers the full B

You are making progress.

Now grab the “B” and the hat, then use Boolean subtract to punch out a hat shaped hole in the “B” and use your backup hat to fill it in.

I know it’s something simple but I’m stumped

Follow the steps:

#1 Change the TEXT to a PATH
#2 Select the B and the insides of the B
#3 GROUP all of the parts of the B together
#4 Select all the parts of the hat, make that a group
#5 lay the hat where you want on the B
#6 Boolean subtract (if it subtracts the wrong part, CTRL+Z and Boolean subtract again)
#7 The hat disappears, leaving a “bite” out of the B
#8 Move the backup hat to fill the hole

Did you follow all those steps?

Yep to the word and still get same result, I will try again now

The hat disappears but no bite out of B, just lines of the hat. then I pull other hat down and same result

Ungroup the shape
Remove the parts you do not want
Group the shape
Align the hat in place.


That worked, Thank you so much


What I missed telling you…

Set the hat to FILL before you Boolean subtract.

Set the hat back to LINE when you are ready to move it into the hole knocked out of the “B”