Having a problem welding letters and shapes

daydream.lbrn2 (252.3 KB)
I cant seem to weld the flowers into the words…im just wondering what I’m doing wrong or what I’m missing. I uploaded the file that I’m trying to finish.

Many of the shapes are not closed and most of the operations require that.

It’s difficult to select either ‘object’ when they are on the same layer.

Here is a video by Lightburn that shows how to use the boolean operations. I don’t think you want to use weld.

Another problem is I’m not sure what result you are wanting.

Good luck


Thank you for posting. That flower is less than ideal, many of these shapes are not closed, required for filling, and overlap in places, causing some odd output. If you can, I might try to recreate the flower part shapes, to ease in adjustment /management and production moving forward.

I was able to do some minor clean up of duplicate shapes and close some as well (Delete Duplicates - Alt + D)(Auto Join - Alt + J).

Selected “Daydreams” text and then grouped (Group - Win-Ctrl + G, Mac-⌘ + G) and moved to another layer to ease hiding for next step.

Grouped all “Flower” shapes, then select Daydream text and choose ‘Boolean Union’ (Boolean Union - Alt + +) or the ‘Boolean Assistant’ (Boolean Assistant - Win-Ctrl + B, Mac-⌘ + B) to see how the different options will be applied.

Well i want the flower petals to fill but i also want the lettering to be solid, what should i do ??

This is what I am showing. The last image in my post above shows everything on a single fill layer. :slight_smile: Do you have an example of how you would like this to produce, you can share?

I would create a new fill layer for just the flower petals.
Copy the flower over to a new layer.
Repair the shape so fill can work as expected.

Thats exactly how i wanted it to turn out…i moved everything to the same layer and then tried to weld, could you possibly send me the edited file ?

Sorry, I did not save an edited version. :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to try the steps I provided above? If so, where in that process are you finding different results?

How was the file you posted originally built? You will have an easier time using a flower shape that does not have the issues identified above.

I tried the steps but it seems like im still missing something…i cant get it to work

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