Having an SVG burn line by line on a rotary tool

I had a question about rotary usage in Lightburn. I have an SVG that I would like to burn (a vector) but it is a circle with a lot of going back and forth. On the rotary, this causes the circle to look more like an oval. Is there a way to have a vector be engraved line by line just like an image? I have found that images and “fill” letters look better on tumblers because the rotary rotates more slowly with less back and forth.

Don’t have a rotary on my led, but I do on the co2.

Most of us have found the objects on rotaries have a tendency to ‘slip’

You can select the object then ‘Edit → convert to bitmap’. Might not get the results you expect, but give it a try and look at the results in ‘preview’. Don’t forget you can zoom in

It might make a better engraving is you make the line thicker by using the offset’ tool and make a line around the existing. When you do a ‘convert to bitmap’ it has options on how it’s fill or followed.


You can’t fill a line, but if you use the offset tool to create a line on either side of it, you could fill that, and that would run easily as an engraving on the rotary.

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