Having big problems connecting PC to my R6442-B

Hey folks. Got myself a computer to connect to my laser cutter, so I could finally use the rotary correctly.

I’ve gone and set it up, and at the beggining it worked-ish. At start, I had wrong paramteres on how big my machine was set, but I fixed that and went on “exploring.” While playing around with different controls on the PC in lightburn, I pressed the home button. That made my machine go hard for the zero of the x-axis, and it started making a loud sound - it was trying to pass the limiter and the end of the gantry. I pressed the emergency brake, reset the machine, and it reset ok, however the speed for both x-axis and y-axis movements have decreased significantly.

While the x-axis functions fine as far as I can tell (when I manually try to move it along the x-axis, it speeds up to what it always was) the y-axis is slow, and will only go maybe a third of the way it should, then stop. The controller diagnosis will not show it’s hitting a limit switch, but the thing will not move beyond a certain point. If I reset the machine and cancel the limit search at the beggining, I can move it another distance, as it was from the very top of the machine, to the new imaginary limit.

I would appreciate any help greatly.
Stay awesome.

If it helps with the diagnose, the imaginary limit is at 900mm, the y-axis limit of my machine, however, it actually only comes to about a third of that.

EDIT: I’ve also tried resetting the machine to it’s factory parameters trough the controller. The speed seems to have been better this time, but the imaginary limiter remains.

Turn off rotary mode again. That setting is stored in the controller, so even if you’ve switched back to the normal Y axis, if the rotary setting is still on, it still has the Y axis scaling applied for the rotary.

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Mr. Oz, I’ll try that first thing in the morning. If it is that, then I owe you a beer. :slight_smile:

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