Having Fade in Logo - DXF File

We are getting fade in the laser when etching a logo. We are using a DXF file. Spoke to manufacturer they suggested we reduce the power. Tried both more and less power but same results. DPI is 450

Is this the best photo you have? Not sure I’m seeing the actual problem.

How did you pick the 450dpi value?

What lens are you using and at what speed.


If you look at the photo in the center you see where its missing white and showing lines. The manufacture set it a 450 DPI when we were testing.

These lines?


Yes, I’m new with the machine we just received this week. Im uploading more photos of our settings

It looks like you’re not removing all of whatever the dark area is.

Is this an RF or glass tube machine?

What is this material?


Its a Glass Tube Machine The material is anodized aluminum

How do we find the lens information. Speed is 500mm per sec

Worst case, ask your vendor…

Most easy… figure out where the lens sits in the tube, ensure it’s at is proper focus and measure from the lens to the material… It’s likely a 1.5" or 2", but it, technically, could be anything.

Much better photo… is the orientation of the piece correct as far as X going horizontally and Y vertically? Looks different from the first photo you posted?

I know you know how you know how you did this, but I don’t… If you change orientation of these photos, our analysis may likely be incorrect…

You are scanning along the X axes?


So I believe your asking how far the laser tube is from the mirror when we installed it?

As for the laser to the work piece we have Autofocus on the machine so I have not measured that myself.

We are etching in X (Left to Right )

Just some background. We are a millwork company and have CNC’s and such for wood but just getting into etching based on client needs.

If you want to know how far away it’s focus point is, you need to measure it…

If you let it autofocus and stop it (or power it off), then measure from where the lens is in the tube to the where it focused. It should tell you what lens you have.

Can you answer these… from the previous post?

If you work with cnc, these are the same animal, just a beam of light instead of a tool/spindle.

Once you catch on to the terminology I’m sure you’ll do fine…


Horizontal. I took the photos from different angles.

From the lens to the work piece I measure 7.74 mm

This isn’t your head/tube/lens, but the air assist enters the nozzle below the lens.

I pointed out what I think is the air assist and where I think the area the lens resides. It’s knurled, so I’d think it was meant to be unscrewed for lens removal.

If you take it apart, move everything out of the way and lay down a towel. Much more difficult to loose or scratch things…

Make sense?


Just did a laser focal test in the software. Does this tell me anything ?

It’s got some kind of mechanical issue… look at these characters…


Is this some thing the supplied software has or ?

Usually we just do a simple ramp test when the material slopes, allowing the focus distance to change.

I just skipped through this videos 8 minutes, but I think it shows what I mean.

I don’t really see any change to your test in the line size.


This test was inside lightburn

I did a test cut with the laser and it seems to be in the correct position based on the video. We are getting a nice tight line.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to look at in this last photo… I can’t tell what the kerf is from the photo or if it’s in focus.

Did you check it with a ramp test? Can you do a ramp test?

Can you advise of the orientation of the two photos?