Having Fun With Slate

(HN) #1

When you laser on most slate and rocks, the etch can be very light looking. Checking out other forums for answers, most agree that pre-coating with varnish or shellac can bring out the contrast. Here is some experiments pre-coating with varnish.

(Ray Webster) #2

Thanks for the tip. I have not done any stone yet, but do want to try


(David Fenton) #3

Thanks for the tip, very useful. Are all three images pre treated, or are any not treated at all before engraving?



(HN) #4

All of them them have been treated. On the lighter slate, the angle you look at the engraving when not treated affects how it looks to the observer.

(HN) #5

I should have added that it does matter what you use to pre-treat the slate. If they are going to be used as coasters or in a wet environment, you should use a urethane instead.

(David Fenton) #6

Got it, thanks very much. I am doing a couple of house signs so a timely piece of advice!


(Nigel Conroy) #7

I love working with Slate
We do coaster and cheeseboards

I always pre-coat with a clear gloss spray. Seems to offer the best contrast.

(David Fenton) #8

Nice! That contrast is amazing, have you touched up the white letters at all? or do you coat first, laser, then coat again?

(Nigel Conroy) #9

These have’t had any touch up. I coat first and then depending on application I touch up afterwards or not. These haven’t had anything applied afterwards actually.
These were pre-coated with a Laquer spray

(David Fenton) #10

Hi Nigel, I finished the house signs this weekend and they looked great. Followed your advice and pre coated with two coats Polyurethane then lasered.
Thanks again for sharing.


(Nigel Conroy) #11

No problem, glad to hear.