Having homing issues

I am trying to change my homing position on my laser. present homing position is left bottom corner. I want to change it to top left corner. when I change to the upper left corner it does change homing position. it changes the move direction, when I hit the up arrow it moves down and when I hit the down arrow it moves up. can anyone help me? thanks

Changing the Origin setting in Device Settings does not change home location, it changes LightBurn’s understanding of the machine origin. It’s not really a choice. It’s based on how the machine is configured.

In order to change how this works you will need to change the configuration of the machine.

  1. Can you start by explaining what your intent is for this?
  2. If you do change the homing position to top-left, do you expect origin to also move top-left? Meaning position values will increase going right and down? Or, do you want bottom-left to still be origin. But that home position will be 0,400 (or whatever max Y value is).
  3. What exact machine do you have?
  4. Can you confirm whether or not you have homing switches on your machine?
  5. Can you run the following commands in Console and return results?

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