Having issues Error 18

Has anyone figured out the Error 18? I was cutting and my alarm went off now ever since I can get It back going it says Error 18

Just hooked mine up and received an error 9 and error 18. Researching now. Brand New to this, getting ready to inquire with the company.

I’m still researching

Where is the error being displayed? In the software or laser controller?

Software my ortur lazer won’t even move

I think the software I unplug everything still no luck

Any luck with those errors?

Here is what Lightburn emailed me. I am still working on figuring it out. I will tell you, I am completely confused and it’s not as easy as what the videos show on YouTube. I literally followed every step and hooked it up, now I am just trying to get it to start. First I am getting a spark when I plug it in (that should not happen), I am getting (Error 9, 18, 8) apparently 9 has to do with the speed (jog state). In the video I watched he has his set at 3000 speed but then I realized that I set my grid at inches but my speed was still in inches so I lowered it to 60 inches/m (I had it at 3000 because the video I watched I realized the guys software was set at mm). I then went into the device settings: additional settings >read from controller >everything changes to inches but does not change the controller settings. I enabled all of the z-axis controls and now all I am getting is error:8 - “error:8” : _(“Grbl ‘$’ command cannot be used unless Grbl is IDLE. Ensures smooth operation during a job.”), but there is no information on how to correct it or what it is. This is not plug n play and very frustrating.

Thanks I’m still as lost. I’m still trying to figure it out

Mine either. I took a bunch of pictures and a few sec video showing it sparking when I go to plug it in. I took screen shots of the error code 8, 9 and 18. I have literally checked and done everything there is to do. So either they have a resolve or they can send me another one, cable harness and mainboard. $800 f**** and it’s dead.

I got mine up and running I went to https://ortur. Tech/olm2pro/ and flow the steps. I know code 18 is when your emergency stop is engaged

The Ortur laser doesn’t have a Z axis, so enabling this might be the source of your problems.

It did not affect it but I turned them off, thanks. This entire time my Emergency Stop button was depressed. I guess they come depressed for shipment and I either overlooked it or it is not in the directions to turn the knob to release it.

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I don’t know if you received my last reply. The Emergency Stop is depressed during shipment and no where in the instructions (at least I could not find) does it say to release it. I just happen to see the guy in the video release it, the link you send me. Thank God… The other problem is that one of the other videos online are wrong about the x-axis limit switch, I had the black and red wires reversed; this was causing the laser to bounce and grind into the “home” corner. I have not engraved yet, but I did test the laser and it’s working. Thanks for working with me on this and Good Luck to you.

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