Having issues with camera

So I’ve been having issues with my camera setup. My computer recognizes the Lightburn camera when I plug it into the USB. But It does not allow me to goto next an actually set me camera up.

You may need to change the camera system used, which you can adjust from the ‘Settings’ window (click Gears icon to expose). Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

Do you have anti-virus software that might be preventing LightBurn from accessing it?

Thanks I’m going to try this right now. Also it crashes a lot when attempting to use the camera. If this continues to happen is there an alternative computer recommendation for the software. I have a MacBook Pro

There is a known issue running the recent version of LightBurn with Big Sur and camera support. You could try to roll back to 9.20 or earlier to see if that helps.

With Macs, you will not find the suggested option to change the system used. This option is for Windows environments.

Okay, thank you! Where do I go to download a 9.2 or earlier?

Thank you so much for the help. much appreciated.

Here you will find the Older Versions of LightBurn.

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