Having issues with text and Circles

I hope someone can help me or kind of point me the right direction.
I picked up the ortur laser master 2 pro.
I keep having this issue and i have no clue what to do

Did you buy a legal copy of the software?

We are on the trail version

Check mechanical issues in the drive mechanism ( belts grub screws)

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Assuming the photo is rotated 90°, it looks like something is severely loose in the X axis:

A few other hints:

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So after adjusting the wheels and speed. I end up with a little tab under the letters Progression is going up

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Now you must check the belt anchors, all the screws holding things together, and the laser head mounts.

This is written for Sculpfun lasers, but will give you an idea of where to find more mechanical slop:

It’s looking better!