Having Problems connecting 2 objects into 1

Win10, Ruida, 50/60w Chinese Cabinet.

Looks like I have 2 questions.

  1. Tried to paste a picture to clarify. Used Screen Snip and all I got was code xxxx.jpg. What are people using to show the pictures. (this will help all of us).

I can not connect two objects.
Object 1. Looks like an elongated “U” - “|____|”
Object 2. “--------” to make a rectangle.
I can insert and delete nodes on each object. I un-grouped the U and placed the line ontop of the U. Each line nodes directly on top of of the top-most vertical lines.

I selected the U and see all the nodes. I select the line and see the two nodes. (I also inserted a node in the middle of the line and made it look line an inverted V “roof top of a house”. The U shows as a red dashed line the line shows as a black vertical line with green end nodes.

I have tried a lot (all) of the edit and tools options but for the life of me I can not get those 2 objects go connect or join together. I tried the boolean options with no success.

I have been through a lot of posts and video’s and can’t find the solution. I want to learn LB so I don’t have to resort to exporting and importing to get a project completed.

Also, can someone lead me to where I can discover what the different colored dashed lines mean, what do the different colored (red/green) colored nodes represent. The colors are there for a reason.

Thanks in advance for any help possible.

Does this help any:

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I can duplicate what is shown in the video.

My problem all along was the objects were on different layers. I realized that when detailing my situation. Red line and black line.

Resolved the paste screenshot issue.

I am still wondering why the nodes will change from green to red when selected.

Place them on the same layer (color).

Stroonzo, thanks as you were replying above I realized the objects were on different layers. 5 hours of stupidity to learn a lesson. :joy:

I am still wondering why the node(s) will change color from green to red.

When first selecting an object both of the open paths show green, clicking either green node will change it to red as in the clip above.

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