Having problems turning image into negative

Hi, looking for suggestions, I’m trying to get a negative image of an imported image, but when I click the negative option in the cut settings editor, nothing happens. It stays the same. When I run through everything it doesn’t flip it, the image itself is not flipped, but when I go back in to the cut settings editor, it is still selected. I tried to apply the negative to the traced version but it doesn’t come up in the editor. Perhaps it’s the image that was imported? It came from a JPEG so I would think it was able to be turned into a negative.

If you preview, you’ll see the difference, with a minor caveat - The latest versions of LightBurn assume that if you’re negating an image, you’re likely using dark material that burns white, so it also negates the preview (you’ll see the ‘Invert’ button enabled, and the background is black instead of white).

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