Having problems with saving g code

Hello I’m new too Lightburn. I’m trying too save g code and when i try too find it i cant find it.
It doesn’t recognize .g file Someone told me once it is saved you can only run g code is that true?

you have to check what kind of gcode extension accept your machine, mine for example accepts .nc, .gcode, but no .g

My is the same

so what is the issue? if i save gcode in LB my file is written with .gcode extention, when you save a file you can digit both name and extention of the file itself.

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You can save the GCode as any of these allowed file extensions (arrow). You can see where it saves the file - it’s the directory where the save is directed to.

You probably also want to save the LightBurn file as well to be able to make future edits.

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