Having trouble / Weld command - an Army logo to an US Flag

Wanting to take a US flag and weld a logo to it in Lightburn. I’ve been trying for days and still can’t not get it to work. Can anyone help?

It’s usually helpful to give us your .lbrn2 file to have a better idea of what you are doing.

Is one of them an image or are they both objects?

Read these docs on it’s use… there are a few videos around, but I’ suggest you use the boolean operations if possible…

If you still have issues, upload your file and we’ll have a look…


I have a hunch that the flag and the logo are images.

If you’re working with images and you want to put the Logo in the Flag and you want part of the flag to be blanked out the Mask tool may be what you want.

I’m grabbing images that are just images to share the workflow.

I’m starting with an image of a quilt instead of a flag and an image of the logo.

The traced logo is hiding on top of the logo. Select it and drag it off to view it.

Use the offset shapes tool to make the shape larger than the logo.

Offset the shapes, select Outward, pick an offset distance that you like, delete the orignal… (Optionally, stash the original on another layer and turn that layer off.) This would also be the right time to select the “Outer Shapes Only” to get rid of the three ‘inside’ squares generated by the trace tool.

Draw an oversized rectangle around the flag. This is the other part of our mask. this allows us to keep most of the flag and makes the ‘cut-out’ unmaksed.

Fine tune the edges of the rectangle. Unlocking the aspect ratio helps.

To get the mask to work we have to Group the two sets of lines.
Select all three objects, then hold the ctrl key and select the flag, then click the Group button on the top row. this will Group the logo trace with the outside rectangle.

Now the mask is complete. With the mask and the image both selected we can Apply Mask to Image.

Then drag and drop the logo into the flag.

I hope this helps you get to your goal.

Attribution of images:
Quilt: Quilt - Wikipedia

Logo: https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/3543312-simple-company-logo-free-vector


@JohnJohn Got it done in his other post.
Flag was not closed and not a very good flag design wise, but not an image.

unfortunately, he hasn’t been back since he posted the problem.


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Us Flag + Army Logo.lbrn2 (87.3 KB)

I have been trying to weld a Army logo to a US flag. Can someone PLEASE tell me the steps to do this! I;m going NUTS!

Can you provided a detailed description of what you expect this to look like? Or create a mockup or annotated view of what it should look like.

This will make it possible to provide any guidance.

@wmtyejr Something “like” this?


Slightly different way.


To do what I did…

First, your flag needs a little help. So…
Edit, select open shapes.
Edit, close path.
Then select the entire flag and group.


Select the US army part and…
Arrange, Create rubber-band outline from selection.
Before doing anything else, change the rubber-band to a different layer and set to fill. You should only see the filled rectangle.
Now, trap both objects without moving anything and place them where you want them.
Select the filled rectangle and “shift” select the flag. (make sure you “unselected” everything first}
Tools, boolean assistant and it should be Subtract B-A if you selected as I said.
That will give you my second pic.

If you decide you want a gap around the army part, I can add that to the post.

Let me know if that worked out for you.


I have merged these posts as they are the same issue from the same member. :slight_smile:

@wmtyejr, please keep posts of the same together. Double, or split posting can make things more difficult to follow and fragment the answers you and others seek. Please don’t do that.

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Thank you for your help! I will study the masking technique later.

I have some success with your method. Still not there yet. Right now life has got in the way on working with this. I’m very thankful for everyone’s help with this. I will keep working on it. I feel good about being able to getting to work!

I will try my best to keep it all in one place. Thank You!

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I GOT it to WORK!!! Thank You so MUCH for everyone’s help!!!

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Good stuff.
You should mark it solved for anyone else having this problem.

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