HD 5 Shark 7 watt laser hub

I hope that I can use this program I have a 7-watt laser hub that attaches to My HD 5 shark and I use Aspire does anyone know how I could maybe run the laser with this program?

What matters is what controller your machine has. Start there. Provide pictures and whatever details you can.

I’ve looked all over their website and I can’t find a single piece of information about what the controller is other than “USB interface”. All the software mentioned is proprietary, or Vectric, so that doesn’t sound like it would be supported by LightBurn.

Thank You for the reply. I have looked for what kind of controller but i haven’t had any luck. Aspire doesn’t
really give you a max or min setting that’s the reason I wanted to try this software. I also have a plasma
cutter hopefully this software will work with it? I haven’t had the plasma a week yet this is all new to me also.

Thank You for the reply OZ. I wonder if i hook my comp to the controller then open light burn would it pick up my laser? I have a plasma cutter hopefully this software will work with it?

It’s unlikely. LightBurn needs to know how to talk to the controller running the machine, and they’re all very different. We talk to the ones that are most common. For anything else, you might be able to use the GRBL-M3 profile to save gcode that could work with the machine you have, but it might need some changes to put it into the format required for the hardware.

If that’s the NextGen Shark CNC router, I’m pretty sure that they use a proprietary controller. A friend bought an older, used model and seems to have regretted the purchase. You might check with Vectric, who makes Aspire, and see if they have any suggestions.

It is a shark HD 5 I have tried to contact Vectric but with no luck . I was wondering if I could copy the laser post processor and put it in this program? Thanks again for trying to help Me with this concern…


LightBurn doesn’t have editable post processors, and even if it did, it’s unlikely that the one from VCarve would just drop in. We’ll have an editable / generic GCode generator at some point in the future, but we’re not there yet.

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