Head mounted camera experiences?


Since v1.2 there is option for head mounted camera in LB…

Can you share your experiences with mounting camera on laser head please? Where to mount, how high, etc…

How does update overlay work, is stiching of images ok. There is no information(yet) anywhere about this function and Im just curious to try.


Head mounting the camera is for use with galvo Lasers. When mounting a camera to your galvo laser head you want to get it lined up with the center line of the lens and mount as close to the lens of the laser as you can. To select the correct camera for your laser go to Help > Camera Selection Help and the software will use the current workspace size by default, and show you the minimum mounting heights for all the cameras we sell.

I got info that it can be used for all lasers not just galvo from your support.

And that is why I renewed licence. If it is not usable in diode laser I guess I shoul get refund…

Head mounting works with gantry style lasers as well you will need to makes sure the cable is managed and will not get caught in the moving components. As far as mounting it to the head getting it closer to the lens of the laser.

I hope to get some experience from someone that uses this kind of camera mount already.

Where does one buy the housing mount for a 40mm tube on a fiber laser?

To reply to myself and maybe help others.

I mounted camera that I was using before as fixed camera on top of my laser enclousure to laser head. Calibrated, and must say it is not so accurate as fixed camera. I think most of problem comes from capturing and stitching images together, some are distorted, brightness is not same for two captures, etc …some are not and if you’re trying to small engrave on something, it’s very possible engraving will be off (by milimeter, or two). Ok, this is BETA function, so I guess it’s “normal” that everything is not as good as it should. And you lose some working area preview if you mount camera like this.
If you do not select anything on working area and start “Update overlay” machine will scan whole area step by step. But if you select something (text, image, etc …) - machine will scan only what is under that selected item on working area.

Attached is image of scanning whole area with A4 paper with vertical and horizontal lines.

Figured out that misalignment happens because it’s bidirectional scanning (taking images of work area). Wrote to support, waiting for their answer how to make it unidirectional …

This is not because of bi-directional scanning - it looks like you haven’t done the camera lens calibration first, so the fisheye effect of the lens is very strong. See the portion of the image below:

When the calibration is done properly, the scans are perfectly aligned.

Ok. I did calibration when camera was mounted on top of enclousure. I have to do it with camera mounted on laser head again?


I managed to get it better. Luckly I have made my laser that way I can set height of laser head (via stepper motors). And I did again camera lens calibration and then again camera alignment, and now it’s accurate :slight_smile:

Same grid as before, looks much better :slight_smile: