Head mounted Camera question

Hello to everybody!

Last month I’ve bought a Gweike LC1390 150W with a RDC6442 controller.
I’ve seen someone install a CCD camera on the head to check alignment or marks, so i’ve decided to do the same thing (I’ve attached a photo of the work).

I’ve done the calibration on LightBurn (“Head mounted camera”, which is in beta version) and seems all ok, but now i can’t understand how i can tell the software the camera is not in the same position of the red dot. There is some offset to set, maybe?
Any suggestion would be appreciated! If you need more photos to underastand i can do it.

Thank you to all

I find this interesting as well. I have a 1300x900 cabinet laser and have been experimenting with the print/cut procedure for cutting larger plastic sign blanks accurately. I have tried different combo of reg marks to be able to align the second cut as precisely as possible. I have a combining lens in the laser beam which helps but I am wondering if a head mounted or overhead camera would be of value? thanks Gene