Head movement to long

Hi. When I engrave (fill) the head is moving around 150mm each way from the engraving, so I lose much time because of that. Is it a way to make that smaller?

Slow down.

Either your engraving acceleration is set too low, or you are engraving something narrow but using very high speed. The Ruida controller (and most other DSPs) will start far enough from the engraving to give it room to speed up to the requested speed before the engraving starts, and will leave the same amount of room to slow down after. If you lower the speed or increase the acceleration, the overshoot distance reduces.

If I engrave with 350 speed the extra
Move is not so big but if I but the laser to 2% that’s minimum (150w) the cuts get to deep. Is it a way to change the “swing” ?
I really like your program and I really appreciate your help

350 KPH? mm/sec, inches/min? 350 what? You left out some important bits here.

I have to say, you are trying to engrave with a mighty powerful laser at 150W. It’s like trying to shoot BB’s from a bazooka. A ‘fine control’ issue. It can be done, but it is not easy to find the right balance due to the smaller range of lower power control from such a powerful tube.

What are you trying to do and how large is this project? Is the issue the time it takes to run this job? Have you applied ‘Cut Optimization’ settings? If yes, how do you have them set? There might be some other options to help you but we will need to know more about the overall goal of the project. Sharing the material size / laser size, the type of artwork being used (vectors, raster images, both?), the type of material, type of engrave and the settings for that engrave already tried, the results you get now, basically more data, we might have some suggestions that could help.

Your 150w tube is meant blast holes though thick material - you won’t have great low-power control, so your options are run fast and accept the overshoot, or increase the acceleration and hope that you don’t start skipping the motors.

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