Head position showing 10,000 on x and y rudia

I just installed a ruida controller on my fsl pro 48x36 and was finaly able to get the wires right. at first it thought the laser bed was 300 mm x 380 mm and would only use that small area , I got that corected to be 1200 mm x 900 mm but now it always starts the current position at 10,000 x 10,000 y and 3000 z mm and no mater what i do. Any idea how to get it to change the current position to the actual bed size.

I had this same problem. I had to use the RDworks software and edit some of the vendor settings for the origin and home.

10000 is what the controller sets the positions to if it’s never been homed. Once you home it those will zero out.

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OK thankyou I had to go into rdworks and set the x and y to enable home. then i restarted it and let it bump and grind top left for a few seconds and it reset. The fsl home is top right so its not the same as others . thanks I am back in the game.

It shouldn’t grind - if it does that you likely don’t have the homing switches set up properly. You can change the homing corner in the machine settings as well - it’s called “limiter polarity” or something silly like that. I’ve changed the term in the next release to be clearer.

thanks again ,you just saved me from going nuts. one other small question on your direction arrows it goes in steps, Do you have a way to move continuously while the button is pressed and stop when you release it?

Not yet. It’s planned, now that I know the controllers support it, but not done yet.