Health question: cutting and engraving MDF

At work I semi regularly process MDF in large volumes with the laser (BRM Pro 1600) and I have some health questions about the smoke that this produces. As far as I know the MDF we use is regular MDF and is not laser grade MDF. (It is used throughout the factory, mostly as cover plates on palettes…think circular economy)
When the MDF is cut or engraved it creates a significant amount of smoke. The smoke is extracted to the outside by a ventilator connected to the machine. We also maintain the machine regularly to prevent the vent holes from clogging with soot/smoke deposit. Despite this I feel like the ventilation is not adequate and a part of the smoke lingers under the material/honeycomb when the extraction cycle ends. When I open the laser door to remove the cut pieces, I inevitably pull some of that smoke up and inhale it. I try to avoid it, but it’s not always possible.
My question is, is inhaling this (limited) amount of smoke on a not infrequent basis dangerous to my health?

IMO I wouldn’t want to breath any smoke from burned MDF, I also try to avoid the dust when machining the stuff.
Here’s is a reference from Mount Sinai.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

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