Heating and cooling water

i have a 50w chinese blue and white laser and am currently using a water tank and aquarium heater.
im thinking about getting a chiller but not sure about something.
my issue at the moment is that i have to put the aquarium heater on hours before i start work to get the water warm enough and not long after starting i then have to start thinking about cooling the water down.
Can i get a chiller / heater which i can set to a temperature and it will maintain it??
any advice will be appreciated.also if i got a 5200 chiller will i have to pass it through a tank of water to heat up with aquarium heater???

Hi, the 5200 and other devices like it fall into two main categories, circulation devices. And chillers.

The chiller is the much better option but is more expensive.

The using of the laser produces as a side effect heat, it is that heat we are looking to disperse through the chiller or by circulating. If a circulation devices many users put ice to keep the temperature down

Unless you live in a very cold region and the machine is exposed to low temperature a heater is not needed.

I hope this helps

thankyou for the reply, the laser is in a house extension in the uk and everymorning the water is below 10c which is too cold to start work,maybe because the water tank im using is 20litres,the water might be at a usable temp if its in a chiller as there will be less of a body of water?? maybe.

Can I ask where you got the information that that is too cold. It’s interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

i asked somebody on the forum last year and they and a few others said below 12 to 15c can shorten the life of the tube.

From what I recall the issue with too cold of water, temperature is below the dew point, condensation can occur.

Now, is that condensation inside where the laser gas mixture is? That part I am not sure.

So, depending on your humidity level the dew point changes. I have been thinking about getting a humidity/dew point display in my laser area for this reason, perhaps it is time. At least then I would know if the shop needs to warm up a bit more before running the laser as I have no heater setup.

Thanks for the info