Height of metal cylinder Sculpfun S9

I lost my metal cylinder for adjusting the height of the laser for my Sculpfun S9. Does one of you know the height of the cylinder, so that I can adjust the distance manually?

Thanks in advance.

@misken is our Scupfun Resident Guru, if anyone knows he will know :smiley:

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The focus distance is 20mm according to this chart for the various Sculpfun models:

Check here for the source:
SETTINGS GUIDE - laser engraver manufacturer | laser engraver supplier | laser cutting machine (sculpfun.net)

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Yes, that’s correct, it’s 20mm.

Sculpfun copied that from my pages, though they didn’t update afterward. So just for completeness, here is the current chart :slight_smile:

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This is how I see that playing out:

@ berainlb @misken
Thanks a lot. However, is this also the height of the metal cylinder?
Because the laser’s start point might not be at the same height as the metal piece that is used for adjusting the height, no?

The table lists the sizes of the focus pieces. The focus distance is always measured from the bottom part of the housing, at least for Sculpfun models. So 20 mm is precisely the height you have in your pictures.

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@misken Great, thank you :+1: