Hello 2 questions. Layering and Text on Photos

  1. How does the layering work. Nothing seems to change when I move items from back to front

  2. How can I add text on top of a photo. The photos always appears forefront no matter what I choose as far as push to back or push to front.

You can’t really put anything on top of a photo. I mean, you can, but it’s going to engrave the photo and it’s going to engrave the text too, so they’ll overlap. You’ll have to edit the image in your editor of choice and put the text on it that way.

If you have LightBurn in ‘Filled Rendering’ mode, nothing affects the layer order except for the order shown in the layer list (in fact, even that might not do it - I think that’s still a todo item on my task list).

When using wireframe view, if an image is over vectors, you can push it to back to make the vectors visible.

Having said all of that, LightBurn internally uses the wireframe outlines for everything - ‘painting over’ something does not make it disappear like it would in a traditional paint program,

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