Hello. Did you miss me?

Howdy everyone!

Well, it’s been a few months since I’ve checked in.
In august the Walbridge fire ripped through our neighborhood and our property and we had to evacuate for a couple of weeks. We lucked out (many of our neighbors didn’t) and our houses and my workshop were spared. It was a huge mess here with a lot of torched trees needing to be removed and everything we own covered with ash and smoke residue. I’ve finally got around to giving the laser a good cleaning and re-lubing and installed a chiller while I was at it. (Just in time for winter when I don’t need a chiller)

Anyway, I’m back and hoping to start making things again some day.

I hope y’all have been surviving the craziness that 2020 has delivered so far.


Glad you are safe!
2020 is one hell of a year…

it’s great that you are well and when the stress and tasks are at a slightly more normal level you will probably also find pleasure with your laser work again, welcome - again :+1:

We in Australia know just how devastating fires can be.Good to know you were spared and are safe and well.We came very close to extinction last year.

Part of the reason we relocated out of California was the enduring drought and worsening wildfires. Glad to hear you and yours are ok.

Walbridge needs a more powerful air-assist pump.
Glad you’re OK and my heart goes to the less fortunate who got hit. Welcome back.