Hello Mac craziness

I have a Macbook and iMac at home, that’s what I usually use for work (photoshop stuff) but I’ve pretty much given up on running LB on either mac :frowning: (Connecting to Ruida).

I also have a small Surface tablet (10.1 inch screen) that connects to my laser and runs LB without a problem

So I had the bright idea to design on the Mac and run it on my small MS Surface tablet, but saving the file on the mac, then opening in the small tablet computer, I find the “components” of the design are “mirror flipped”.

Is this some Mac setting that I need to fiddle with?

Change the origin point in the Device Settings to match where the machine homes when it powers up.

I would still suggest trying to connect via Ethernet cable from the Mac. It’s not terribly hard, and it’s faster than the USB connection.

Same problem as in the other thread, unable to ping it…

I connect to mine just fine from my Mac … just say’n.

I only use Mac OS with my machines.

You have a network issue

I connect my iMac with a crossover cable …no probs
Lightburn sees it every time, no extra files…just works

Thanks for replying guys!

As I sort out some acrylic cuts lets try this again, I’ll post step by step pics of what I’m doing and maybe we can figure out what needs to be fiddled with to get this working :wink:

Could also be I have the wrong cable connected… will google how to check.

No longer needed for about a decade every Ethernet chip made has auto-MDX as standard

No, don’t - it’s a red herring. If your machine was made after around 2005 it has auto-MDX built in (the ability to change cable polarity to match the other end).

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Learned something new today, that’s always a good thing :wink:

Will re-open this thread in a while with pics…

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My mistake - years of spelling it wrong. It’s Auto-MDIX.

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I think I had that exact Netgear model years back!!! :flushed: :flushed:

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I’ve got a box of them. Still useful for weird firmwares.

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