Help: Camera Mounting on Laser Case Lid Moves

I have a Chinese blue 50W laser with RUIDA controller. Just in case you were wondering.

I have my camera mounted under the lid as seen in the photos attached. Whenever I open the lid the camera moves slightly knocking the “camera alignment” out. Is this a common issue with using a camera?

What have others done to address this?


The type of hinge I see there isn’t really a hinge at all, but a pair of pins, so you’ll have significant play from left to right. When calibrating, try sliding the lid all the way left or right, and do that whenever you want to use it. You could do something more permanent with some shims on one side. Also check to make sure that the lid opens to the same height every time. The gas struts are pretty good, but moving the lower mounting points forward a bit would make the lid more stable when up.

I noticed this in my APlaser. What i temporarily did was put plastic washers. I will replace the hinges with better ones once i find the proper ones.

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What are the “proper” hinges?

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