Help! Can I change the file mid cut

So I mis spelled a name in my design. I’m half way through the engraving but haven’t started the name yet. Can I change the name without starting the cut over?

Hello Steve,

No that is not possible. The file is sent to the laser and runs from there.
There are some tricks tho…
If the name hasn’t started you can cover the name part with plywood or something… so that it doesn’t burn that part… and after the file is done try to laser only the name.

Or cancel the whole file.
Cover the already engraved part… and start the job again with the correct name (important is the exact lining up of the last line that was done)

Does that make sense?

You said “the engraving” - is it a single image that you imported with the text as part of the image, or is it vector shapes? With vector shapes it’s easy - you stop the job, make your changes, select only what you want to re-send, click the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ toggle in the Laser window, and start it again.

If it’s a single image, you’re out of luck until the next release - we have a new feature coming to start a job from part way through.

Yeh that makes sense. What I ended up doing was turning the laser switch off and let it finish the job, then deleted everything in the file except the part I still needed to do and then ran it again. Thanks for the reply!

The cut selected graphics option is a great idea. Now what would be the best way to get back to the original starting point if I stop it in order to ensure the text lines up perfectly? I use current position for a starting point and manually move it over to the spot on the board where i want the top corner to be.

If you use Current Position and stop partway through, you’re basically hosed. Use User Origin, or Absolute Coords because both of those use a known, repeatable starting point.

With User Origin, you’d jog the laser to the point you want the corner, then click ‘Set Origin’, and that’d be the only difference over how you work now. When you say “manually move it” I’m hoping you don’t mean by hand, as that will mean the laser has no idea where it is, and can’t enforce boundary limits to prevent you from crashing into the rails.

Thanks. When I say manually move it I meant using the move buttons in LightBurn, not literally by hand.

Some people do, which is why I asked. :slight_smile:

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