Help - can I cut a shape but leave it attached it like 4 spots?

So I’m cutting chipboard and have a fixed point laser that when some pieces are cut they fall and sometimes raise up so that the laser body hits this piece and moves the base.

So is there a way to cut the shape but leave it attached at a few points. I have messed with perforation mode but since each shape is a different size I can’t figure out the spacing. Is there some other setting for this? Thanks in advance

This is worth review, Tabs / Bridges - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

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Tabs / bridges are your friend! Select the layer on which you wish to build your bridges/tabs and just about mid-point you’ll see the dialog box. If you enable it in manual mode, the icon on the left is a square with a few missing segments, which allows you to place as desired. The TechAngel link probably covers that.

Edit: someone beat me to it!

Ahhhh - perfect - that looks like exactly what I needed - thanks all for the quick response. I love the software and the community!!


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