Help cutting in lightburn

I have a rectangle on the screen about 3" x 2"
I just want to cut it out. I have speed at 30 Power 100
12 repeats and never goes deeper
I’m a newbie here, what am I missing please?
I can go around and around and it stays same depth. How do
I tell it to keep burning deeper?

This is not a speed, you left out a few key variables, 30 what over what? miles per hr? mm/sec, inches/min? All are very different and required to understand your settings.

You have a diode laser, and they cut very slowly as they emit low-energy power to the cuts you program. They also reflect off lighter color surfaces, so if you are trying to cut white paper as an example, you will get poor results. So keep that in mind.

Having a tight focus point is essential to maximize the cutting power of these units. You should also consider the thickness of the material to be cut and the shape of the beam. The beam shape is like an hour-glass when viewed from the side. The “hottest” spot of the beam is the thin center of the hour-glass shape. That point is where all the cutting power is, so if you want to cut thicker material, moving that ‘hotspot’ deeper into the material (this would require lifting the material or moving your Z axis) helps when cutting thick items, but there is a limit to these systems.

Additionally, we would need to know what firmware you are using and what settings for that firmware you have set currently to offer much more.

Here is a general “How do I get it to work” for the 3018 CNC style setups that might be worth review.

1.1 firmware
My bad 30 per inch

Sorry, but you are not answering the questions I asked.

What firmware? You have shared part of the version number for GRBL (should be followed by some letter) if I assume correctly. Is this GRBL?

30 what per inch? Speed in LightBurn means asking the laser to move some distance over some period of time. You are not being clear. You have provided the distance measurement as inches and a random number. If I assume 30 Days per inch, this might be too slow. Then again, 30 sec per inch is a more reasonable speed for diode laser cutting.

grbl 1.1h
30 inches per min

sorry I sound like moron, very new at this

30 inches/min is about 13mm/sec. Much too fast for a diode - even at 2mm/sec you’ll likely need more than one pass, and possibly air assist.

It also depends on what material and thickness you are cutting. I’m using a BossLaser-5598 150W and I primarily cut .118 acrylic at 1.1"/sec at 90% power. Thinner material can go faster, while thicker has to go slower. But again, it depends on the material. I have to go .5"/sec for .22 acrylic, but .22 MDF can be cut at 1.1"/sec.

Be sure to check out the website of your laser’s maker. They should have some recommended settings for your machine.

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