Help Finding Lightburn Cut File for NEMA Stepper Motor Drive Plates

I have been helping a friend upgrade his Yora 6550 with a new NEJE laser, a camera and some other mechanical upgrades such as an adjustable Z axis laser mount. I would like to build him a second engraver from his leftover parts. He has most of the parts that he needs except for the Y axis acrylic drive plates for the two NEMA 17 steppers. I would like to use 2040 extrusion for the X and Y axis frame rails as that is what he already has. Since I have access to his laser it would be nice to be able to cut his drive plates from acrylic. I have searched the Internet for a cut file, but all I have found are files for 3D printing that are designed for 2020 extrusion and we don’t have access to a 3D printer. Part of the problem is, as a newbie, I am not sure exactly what the best terms are to use when searching on Google. If I can’t find a cut file, I will attempt to create my own, I was just trying to not recreate the wheel if possible.
Any advice related to finding a file would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Bill

Not sure exactly what you need but take a look here:
Plates - OpenBuilds Part Store

They have a various number of plates available for sale. All of their products are open design so you download them for your own use as well.

Alternatively, do you have an existing plate you could use as a reference? If so and you have a scanner you could literally scan the part, and use that as reference to create a design or simply trace the scan. If traced, you’d probably want to refine the design by hand so it’s very clean but shouldn’t be so hard. You could do this with a photo as well but would need to account for distortion and be more meticulous with measurements.

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Thanks, for your quick response and great advice!
I just checked out Openbuilds and two of their aluminum plates look like they might work.
And if I do decide to recreate the existing 6550 mounting plate, your method could be very helpful.
Thanks again!

In case anyone else is interested, what I came up with was to design my own motor plates. If someone else wants to build their own diode laser engraver and needs Y axis motor plates, I am uploading the DXF files for the plates that I designed. You can copy, share and distribute as you like. However, there’s no guarantee as to usefulness. :wink:

Motor Mount V7.dxf (15.4 KB)
Motor Mount V7 short.dxf (15.6 KB)

These plates are designed for 2040 V EU extrusion, a NEMA 17 stepper motor and 24mm by 10mm wheels.
In one of the designs, the X axis is centered over the motor and is a little taller.
In the other design, the X axis is offset to one side and is a little shorter.
I hope these can be of some help to someone.

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