Help! For the life of me I can not figure out where to change image mode to grayscale.. where is this at on 1.5.04?

Newbie to LightBurn here… Is anybody able to guide me where to find the image mode option so I can change it to grayscale? I feel like I’ve tried everything…. Thanks!

Ck on the image to select

Right click to open menu
that opens a two pane window with a before and after pane.

Bottom left there is a drop down window, where you will find gray scale at the very bottom.


Additionally, this one of the ‘Image Mode’ options available for image production, selectable from the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window exposed when you double-clock the color swatch in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window.

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The most difficult tasks are photographs. Grayscale is even more difficult to get used to.

Spend some time with vector graphics to get a handle on doing photography. This is an excellent video. It will teach you a lot even thought it’s demonstrated on a fiber, it works for any laser with any material.



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