HELP! HOW TO CHMOD X+ lightburn file

Cant seem to chmod lightburn file. Dont even really know what it is. Kinda need step by step instructions. Have done all the steps now on chmod x+ step and im lost. Thanks for any help

chrome book 15 x86

Which instructions are you following?

What OS?

Dkj4linux david johnson’s instructions. Yes its os.

Sorry… I didn’t realize it was my turn to bat… :astonished:

I guess it’s this post that you’re following?

Since you’ve typo’ed the "chmod +x … ” command in the title, you really need to carefully follow each step (and avoid any typo’s) in that post. Each command is case-sensitive and must be executed successfully (returns to command line prompt without error messages) before the next is attempted.


I thought it was pretty step-by-step already but I’ll try again here…

Step 1: From the Linux “Terminal”… you first install a necessary library with (omit the quotes)

“sudo apt install libpulse-mainloop-glib0”

Acknowledge any prompts to allow the command to complete. You may have to reboot your Chromebook afterward.

Step 2: Download the Lightburn .run file (9.16 was current when I did this)… it will go to the Downloads directory. Use the “Files” (file manager) to move (or copy) the .run file to your Linux home directory (/home/<your_name>) in order to change permissions… the Downloads directory is still out in the “cloud” somewhere and won’t allow changing the permissions from there.

Step 3: From the Linux “Terminal” again, type (without quotes)


to insure you’re in your home directory (/home/<your_name>) and then

“chmod +x”

to actually change the permissions and make it executable. Use the exact filename of the .run file you downloaded and make sure to type it exactly as shown ("+x", not “X+”).

Step 4: Again, in the terminal run execute the file using


Make sure to use the exact filename of the file you downloaded. Once that completes you should have a Lightburn icon in your menus.


I hope this helps. If you aren’t comfortable using a Chromebook and/or Linux, this may be very confusing and/or cryptic but I really don’t know how to be any more explicit than this. Hopefully someone may be able to jump in and make things clearer.

Good luck!

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