Help! how to cut acrylic 6mm altuglas

Hello everyone! I need your help!
I am a new user of a vevo 80w and i need to cut white acrylic in 6 mm from altuglas. i am triyng to cut numbers and sentences.
The probleme is maybe with my settings and how to adjust.

In fact at the end of the cut, the result isn’t straight or it makes lots of grooves and the edges are a litlle black .

Another problem is that during the cut my piece fall on the ground of my machine put the last point is damaging all my piece how can i delete the last point of cutting and don’t let my piece falling.

You can find some pics of my work for the seetings i put 2mm for 30% with a air pressure around 1.8MPA

I will take into consideration your 80w machine and try to offer you a very rough suggestion for you and 6mm acrylic. My suggestion assumes:

  • Proper Laser PSU Calibration (to your laser tube’s amperage specifications)
  • Clean and Well Aligned Optics (including a plumbed laser head assembly / lens holder)
  • Adequate Fume Extraction
  • A Quality (and clean) Lens (preferably at 101.6 mm focal length)

► 75 - 85% min/max power
► 2.5 mm / sec
► As little air assist as possible (just to prevent flames)

To prevent your pieces from falling after being cut, you could use a honeycomb bed. You can also use metal lathe found at many hardware stores as a cheap alternative (although it isn’t as ideal in its surface area of reflection).

Your rough edges could be a result of too much air assist or poor focus.

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