Help identifying stepper motors from chinese 100watt co2 laser

 Hi all

Can anyone help me identify my z axis stepper motors. They are from a blue and white chinese 100 watt co2 900x600 laser. They have no identifying marks as regards volate or amperage. They do have a model number (which after 1500 google searches shows nothing other than who made them and even they cant help! ive attached some pics, if anyone thinks they might be able to help message me and i’ll post some dimensions. Thnk in advance

What do they measure?

Nema22 is a 2.2" ^2 that’s about 55mm a side.

Probably one of these motors.


First of all, it is a type 57 stepper motor from China, which needs to be used together with the stepper driver
Whether the motor is open loop or closed loop, your picture is not very good, I can not tell.
I need to see all the wires on the motor

Easy to measure it.

I looked at the manufacturer and they have a 54, but not a 57. Maybe an older motor. That’s the link above.

He appears to have the machine, but no mention of an issue except to ID the motor… This is in a 9060 100 watt laser, so he probably has the drivers. That should give you a clue about the current requirements.


I looked at their website and I can confirm that this is a 57 two-phase stepper motor. It is matched with a 57 two-phase stepper drive

You can choose this drive to drive it

This is the electrical drawing. He can help you very well

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I saw your picture. This is a standard Type 57 stepper motor
The way it connects to the stepper drive is the circuit I answered you above. You can just follow the wiring

First of all, you have to use the on/off switch of the multimeter to test the four wires of the motor. It has two coils, so two sets of wires are connected.

As near as i can tell its 75mm long by 56mm wide. shaft size is 8mm

Must be a Nema22 (2.2" = 55.88mm).


The manufacture Website has a series 57. The new ones look to be 57J. My best guess is it’s a NEMA 23.

Nema23 are 2.3" or 58.42mm, not 57 or 56.4.

The US National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standardises various dimensions, marking and other aspects of stepper motors, in NEMA standard (NEMA ICS 16-2001). NEMA stepper motors are labeled by faceplate size, NEMA 17 being a stepper motor with a 1.7 by 1.7 inches (43 mm × 43 mm) faceplate and dimensions given in inches. The standard also lists motors with faceplate dimensions given in metric units. These motors are typically referred with NEMA DD, where DD is the diameter of the faceplate in inches multiplied by 10 (e.g., NEMA 17 has a diameter of 1.7 inches). There are further specifiers to describe stepper motors, and such details may be found in the ICS 16-2001 standard.

Who knows what the Chinese are building… :frowning:


Just a guess with the info supplied.

Not saying they don’t exist, just that they don’t seem to follow the NEMA documentation… :slight_smile:


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