Help. If I new what the hell I'am doing, I would be happy ,lol

I bought a YoraHome laser. Now I have been s scrollsaw artist for 25 + years . I have done alot of cutting in my time , and even did a lot a lathe work , pens, etc. I needed something new. Well here it is . I have watched the tutorial on u Tube many of time , and I still don’t get it . I use LightBurn which I like , because it can turn MM into inches. When I first start up the program, all I want to do is learn how to burn a small box. I can’t even get that . I might need my hand held on this one. Sometime I wish I new someone close to me that can teach me this .

When I started with my first laser I also spent a lot of time watching all the videos on youtube, but at this point there was not very much and not at all regarding LightBurn.
If I understand you correctly, then you stand right at the starting line with your laser experience. In this case, I will sort the LightBurn videos chronologically according to experience, so start with the most basic things and then parallel to practical testing with your own machine, I will go slowly in exploring more advanced features. There are now many and good videos that deal with LB, it should be a great help to you.
Just get started and come back here and ask all the questions you run into along the way, we have all been in the same situation once.

PS. where in the world do you live?

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John, you need to write a little more about what kind of laser machine you have and whether you can operate the machine with LightBurn. When I know and also how thick material you can cut, we will make a small box together :wink:
But play notice that it is soon bedtime here with us in Scandinavia, so when I do not answer immediately, I am overturned 90 degrees.

Okay , I have a YoraHome 3.5 Laser. I bought it from the company that makes them. They offer a free 1 hour tutorial. so I took them up on it, and the person was Nick. The program that comes with is LaserGRBL. After we were done, I mentioned, I hate MM. That’s when he told me about LightBurn. I asked him, if it will work with my laser , he very much so. He also told me, the nice thing about lightburn ,that it will change MM into inches. I like even more.

Have you installed LightBurn and can you run with your laser? What have you tried so far?

Yes it is installed. Laser works, but once again , driving down the road , with eyes covered, lol

If you have the courage, here is an address that delivers construction drawings of custom-made boxes. Laser Cutting
Try entering the desired dimensions and “save to file”. Keep it simple, initially fill in only the first 4 fields.
After saving that file, “import” that file into LightBurn.
We can talk about when you’ve got this far, I’ll set aside some time for that today.

Here is a good place to start. Beginners walkthrough that has a section for doing a simple first project. Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

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