Help..I'm new and learning

Hello, I am trying to get back to the first project look…I don’t know what I’ve done. .but it seems reversed or something. .thank you.

In the layer control where you set power, there is a flag to set negative or not, flip it.

thank you Joe …i will try that

cant see where that is Joe …any other advice please

Look here

thanks JOE but i havent got that last feature…maybe im in beginners mode

also its not an image …its just an svg file

If vector art, you may have removed or not outputting a shape needed to have the look you are after.

Fills, in LightBurn, are defined by a set of shape boundaries, toggling the fill on and off as you cross these bounds as described in this post.

If you are willing to post the file for review, someone might be able to point you in the correct direction. My guess is one of the circles around the face is turned off or has been removed.

thank you so much for your time…i contacted the designer and i thk i have it sorted. cheers

For others, if you are willing, what was the issue and what solution did you use to resolve?

Rick, i reached out to the file designer and she told me the one i had selected was for acrylic. thanks for all your imput.

Thank you for this update. This makes sense. Yes, you would want to have the image engrave in the negative for processing an “acrylic” application.

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