Help in choosing a camera

Hello, I have a velocity plus laser, I would like to advise you which camera to choose to match the size of the laser’s working field. I’m sending photos of the laser

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What control panel is that laser using? (I don’t recognize it, so I want to make sure you’ve already tried it with LightBurn).

For camera choice help, read here:

I use mini gerbil. I’ve used lightburn with k40 before so I’ve been using it for a long time. Thank you for your help

Ahh, ok. Making sure - would hate for you to purchase one only to find out it didn’t work. (We’ve had a few people think that the camera did all the magic without the software, which is why I asked to be sure)

From my experience. having tried three different cameras, I recommend you get a camera with a non-distortion lens. The dewarping done by LB is pretty good but calibrating a camera that does not distort the image is a whole lot easier than the two I have with a distorting (a.k.a. fish-eye) lens. The overlay is measurably better on the fringes. Not super critical but something to note.

I ordered this camera
by my measurements it should be good. At least I hope so

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