Help in cutting out a window with a flower

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I would very much like advice. Well, I want to cut out a window with a flower in 3mm plywood where the flower slightly comes out of the window (or looks through the window :D). Of course, before cutting out, I want to engrave the flower. I’ve tried a few things but I’m not very good at it. Below is a picture showing what I mean:

Is such an operation possible? And below is my situation in lightburn

The green frame is the one I want to cut out with the flower. It seems to me that I will have to use the offset shapes tool so that the cut does not go on the path of the flower only with a distance. It’s hard for me to find a guide with such … operation on the Internet. That’s why I wanted to write here in the forum. I would be very grateful if someone could show me how to do it, I would love to learn it.
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It’s helpful for us to have the .lbrn2 file to manipulate on our own machines to get the desired results… You can just drag and drop it on the reply window or use the upload icondownload-icon-backgroundin the tool bar.

Do you want the flower more cut out? Can you be a little more detailed of what you want?

I’ve re-read it, do you want to duplicate what’s in the photo of the photo.


Sorry for my English I am using a dictionary. You can say that i am a beginner lightburn user I understand that I have to upload a lightburn editable file? I’ll try to be more specific about what I mean.

Above is a photo of the entire project and the red line is the total size of the plywood. The blue rectangle in the center on the left will be the window in this plywood.

Now about that blue box. I would like the blue line in line mode to cut out the window together with a fragment of the flower. Only the fragment that protrudes on the outline of the window.
I used the offset shapes tool on the flower. It seems to me that the cutting line could follow the offset shapes line.I hope I explained it clear enough :slight_smile:
ramka ze sklejki z okienkiem z kwiatkiem.lbrn2 (295.9 KB)
I uploaded the .lbrn2 file. I would like training in this operation, I would like to learn.

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I selected your blue rectangle and then the offset shape to the flower. Then use the Boolean Assistance to see what each operation will do prior to committing this change. I then choose the Subtract A-B to modify and combine the offset and rectangle shapes as shown. I then changed the layers to produce as shown. :slight_smile:


I read it as the opposite of what you did, ie they wanted the offset to be added to the outside of the flower and not included on the inside area. But then I look at the first example and it looks like there are also words engraved on the clear area to the right of the green frame in the ‘example’.

Showing how the boolean operations work is pretty helpful. I wonder if people would be interested in a weekly “what’s this feature” of LightBurn posted to the forum where each week some feature is added to the forum.

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Thank you.

We have recently been adding staff to help with content production to do just this! So yes, we are planning to bring more HowTos and the like to the forum. We have started developing more content on our YouTube channel and will start to bring these here as well. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your help. This is the effect I wanted to get. Thank you again :smiley:


… too late to help

Never, James! One thing we really enjoy is seeing how others attack and solve these design options to achieve the look they are after. There are always more than one way to do the things. Sharing how others go about it - refreshing. Please do share your ideas. :slight_smile:

I had a response written out and a cpu crash forced a reset. I had to edit to clear the response from my cache. Lemme read back and see if I would have done differently. Was not a complaint, i love this place and the people who make it work.


*** Yes, the offset command to establish the cut boundary and boolean subtraction to remove the offset from outside the window.

Have a great day, y’all

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