Help ! Laser Beam Not Straight

When I cut through acrylic using my 150w laser I cannot get a perfect 90 degree cut . any ideas ?
I have put paper on my lens and checked and all seem to be aligned.

really don’t fancy spending 10k on a diamond polish machine to get perfect edges for welding

I was reading that the last mirror is probably the culprit. I’d make sure you’re perfectly perpendicular to your bed on the last one. You can use a piece of acrylic to shoot the laser into, and watch which way the beam goes.

Laser beams cut with a cone shape in the cross-section so that the cut always makes a small angle between the cut surface and the face. Could that be the problem?

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What focal length lens are you using and how thick is the acrylic?

If you are mostly cutting acrylic to glue together, look at a 4" lens as the beam edges are more parallel, but the beam is wider. You may need to make a kerf adjustment.